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Professional Midwives, have your years of experience given you the knowledge, skills & inspiration to contribute to an international collective of midwives working together to demonstrate a model of midwifery care? Do you feel a deep calling to be part of the larger whole, working collectively to run a self sustaining women’s health and birth center? If so read on for more information or click HERE for a preliminary application to join the collective.

“The Great Turning- A name for the phenomenon of our times; the shift from industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization and it’s gaining momentum through the acts of countless individuals and groups around the world, it helps us see the larger context of our lives, clarifying our vision and summoning our courage”
-Joanna Macy


  • Spend a minimum of one month a year of service at the birth center in

    1. providing care
    2. supporting local traditional midwives who use the center
    3. training midwifery students and apprentices
    4. contributing 4 hrs/month in areas of your expertise to a working circle from your home country.
  • Practice authentic midwifery in a supportive non-institutional environment
  • Contribute to and receive from collective wisdom
  • Midwife a new generation of midwives
  • Learn Sociocracy: a forward moving, action oriented form of consensus governance
  • Unify midwives from different cultural and educational backgrounds
  • Opportunity to work internationally
  • Gain personal growth that stems from participation in the collective model
  • Use and strengthen Spanish skills
  • Increase skills in midwifery practice, project design, research and development


  • Grounded in the philosophy and practice of midwifery model
  • Current licensure or certification (CPM, CNM, CM or other foreign credentialing)
  • Spanish speaking fluency or solid intermediate level or willingness to learn
  • One month per year (minimum) ability to dedicate on the ground in Guatemala
  • The ability to dedicate time to ongoing collective responsibilities (approx 4hrs/month)
  • The desire to belong to a collective process and dedication to personal growth
  • The ability to practice outside of cultural norms
  • Shared values grounded in Peace and Power
  • $1000 annual collective membership fee (Tax deductible, to donate or to raise)
  • 2 year commitment

Learn about the Midwives for Midwives Mission and Vision
To apply, please click HERE.