When all women’s healthcare honors the innate intelligence of nature and is sustained through circles of collective wisdom, individuals WILL BE empowered and the world transformed.


MFM is a non-profit global collective of midwives working collaboratively to implement a replicable model of authentic midwifery care. “Authentic Midwifery” provides evidence based care and best practices, informed by the heart and soul of the midwifery model. MFM provides 24/7 women’s health care, offer training in midwifery, conduct research and share our outcomes in order to strengthen the midwifery model of care the world over.

Core Values

  • MFM believes in qualified midwifery care as a basic human right.
  • Intercultural collaboration between midwives from all backgrounds adds to collective wisdom.
  • The collective model is more sustainable than hierarchical organizational structures.


  • Use a collective model to effectively and sustainably run a birth and learning center (Ixmucané) providing safe, full-scope midwifery care.
  • Build capacity of local traditional midwives by meeting their identified needs.
  • Weave together professional midwifery and indigenous knowledge enabling a multicultural environment where traditional Guatemalan midwives and international midwives work and learn together.
  • Practice and train new midwives in a true unrestricted midwifery model of care.
  • Document, measure and demonstrate excellent outcomes of the midwifery model of care and training.