MFM’s collective members participate in an alternative model of self-governance, Sociocracy, which weaves the core value of equality and collaboration into the backbone of the organizational structure. Sociocracy is an effective, inclusive model of governance that values everyone’s contribution and perspective. It uses an equal distribution of power, promoting interdependence, group sharing of knowledge and decision-making. Sociocracy promotes both the individual and our interconnectedness to the whole.

The collective model enables social change sustainably by:

  • minimizing isolation and egotism and elevating the value of shared experience
  • promoting shared responsibility and transparency
  • promoting continued enthusiasm and constant learning
  • reducing staff burn-out, turn-over and many of the other failings of small non-profits
  • shared decision making of all major decisions
  • providing flexibility to collective members to increase or reduce their own contribution according to their lives

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Midwifery Model

Midwifery care is personal, nurturing, informative, empowering and respects nature’s innate wisdom. The midwifery model of care emphasizes evidence-based care with the appropriate use of technology to achieve excellent outcomes, particularly in resource poor areas.

The midwifery model:

  • Understands and values women as active participants in a natural process.
  • Provides humane, women-centered, personalized care.
  • Recognizes reproductive rights as human rights.
  • Trusts the inherent intelligence of nature.
  • Weaves affective traditional methods with appropriate use of evidence-based technology.
  • Understands the importance of the spiritual, social, emotional, cultural aspects of labor and birth.
  • Values preventative care through health promotion, disease prevention and health education.
  • Recognizes the therapeutic value of human presence during labor and birth.